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Hare Krishna Adelaide

What a totally interesting day!  No matter what you believe or think. the people at the Temple were so kind to me and I managed to interview the Temple president.

I know him professionaly through work and he is Dr Krishnan to me.
But this was a totally interesting day and feel free to make up your own minds about if this is a cult or a sect or religion. Dr Krishnan states they are a cult but open to anyone who desires to explore or visit the temple.

So I had a great deal of fun doing this edit for you and they gave me lunch!


Street church

Hi Folks
This was a most interesting edit to put together but regardless people have the right of free speech in this country.  However does that mean it is right for people to represent themselves the way these people do?

I saw many different things when talking to members. I looked in their eyes and tried to understand them. I wanted to know if they really believed what they were saying.

I have to say that most of them did..yet I could not help getting the feeling that perhaps a couple of lost souls had slipped through. Does our society ignore people to the extent that they go to this extreme to get help?

A none bias approach was the only way and after all it is for you to make up your own minds.