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Hey there i thought that some of you may be interested in this some of which you can take as it comes i dont believe that they are all possible but each to there own


Apportation: matter-through-matter being possible by changing the phase relationships in the materials involved.


Astral projection: the projection of the conscious mind via the etheric double or energy body


Astralportation: the [physical] transportation of an object by the astral or etheric body.


Bilocation: the ability or phenomenon of being in two different places at the same.


Cellular psychokinesis: the ability to psychokinetically manipulate biological materials on the cellular, gene, chromosome, and DNA levels.


Clairaudience: the ability to hear voices that convey useful information (not schizophrenia); the psychic faculty that corresponds with the physical sense of hearing.


Clairempathy: the ability to sense the emotional and physical condition of others from a distance (see also Empathy and Telempathy).


Clairgustance: psychic faculty that corresponds with the physical sense of taste.


Clairolfactance: psychic faculty that corresponds with the physical sense of smell.


Clairsentience: psychic faculty for sensing energy and conditions pertaining to communicating entities; the ability to read auras.


Clairtangency: psychic faculty that corresponds with the physical sense of touch..


Clairvoyance: psychic faculty that corresponds with the physical sense of sight..


Dream Clairvoyance: clairvoyant images received in or during dreaming.


Objective Clairvoyance: the ability to "see" people, events, that are taking place on spiritual planes or alternate dimensions.


Reciprocal Clairvoyance: during telepathic contact over great distances the parties involved can see each other as if face to face.


Subjective Clairvoyance: the reception of images by communicating entities while the subject is in a trance.


Telepathic Clairvoyance: the reception of a visual image from a telepathic sender.


Traveling Clairvoyance: the ability to see events taking place some distance away.


Dermo-Optical Perception: the ability to differentiate colors and symbols through the skin; especially the fingertips.


El-Sike: a variant of storm control (see below) wherein electrical, electronic, and electro-mechanical devices can be controlled through psi processes. 2) The ability to communicate with machine intelligences; 3) The ability to access information directly from magnetic media and computer systems— in essence, the linking of human nervous system to ."machine "nervous system."


Empathy: the general ability to sense the emotional and physical states of others and perceiving them as one's own feelings and sensations.


Extraretinal Vision: eyeless sight.


Extratemporal Perception: the ability to perceive events that take place outside our normal space/time continuum or in the time vortex.


Geas— ancient term that is used to describe a form of telepathic hypnosis (see below) wherein some outside force compels a person to perform a given act or task; such a command cannot be ignored since both physical and psychological stresses are involved that can cause severe discomfort, even death, unless the command is acted upon.


Illusion: the ability to change the surface appearance of reality by introducing a non-existent object into the scene, or negatively, by making an existing object invisible.


Levitation: the ability to neutralize gravity locally through psi processes in a controlled fashion, thus enabling an object to rise.


Mental Projection: the ability to project one's mind any distance while keeping the integrity between mind and physical body.


Namapathy: true psychic healing.


Nimpathy: a sharing of sensation; a community of feeling. This is an actual transmission of physical sensation and is not related to empathy or telesthesia (see below).


Parakinesis: the ability to locally neutralize inertia, thus enabling a very small amount of force to produce a disproportionate amount of movement in an object.


Personation: the ability to take on the mental characteristics and personality traits of others.


Personification: the ability to take on the physical characteristics and features of others.


Precognition: the ability to see the future.


Multiple-Future Precognition. The ability to see not only the future but also a number of probable future events presented "side-by-side" like the pages in a book; the most probable future will be the one most prominently outlined.


Precognitive Telepathy: the ability to telepathically "read" thoughts that have yet to have been generated.


Premonition: an indistinct "hunch" or feeling of impending danger to others.


Presentiment: a feeling of danger to one's self only.


Psycholuminescence: the ability to produce cold light by a psi-to-light conversion process; such light is sometimes called "witch light."


Psychometry: the ability to, and technique for, gathering information on people and events by touching some object that was present at the time.


Psychopyresis: the ability to start and/or control fires.


Radiesthesia: the ability to locate water, minerals, etc. from a distance; dowsing.


Tracking/Homing Gift. A variant of radiesthesia and is 1) the ability to track virtually anything, and; 2) the ability to find one's way back to a given starting point no matter how shifting or confusing the route may be.


Retrocognition: the ability to perceive or see events that have taken place in the past.


Retrocognitive Telepathy: the ability to read thoughts generated in the past.


Telekinesis: the ability to move objects from a distance; mind over matter.


Telempathy: the ability to communicate by way of emotions rather than thought as in telepathy (below); communication with animals is usually telempathic in nature.


Telepathy: mind-to-mind communication; mind reading.


Catalyst Telepathy: the ability to awaken latent and/or dormant psychic abilities in others.


Forced Rapport: the ability to force telepathic contact on those who either don't want it or can't handle it.


Oneiromancy: the [telepathic] ability to enter into another person's dreams and alter their content.


Telepathic Hypnosis: the ability to control and manipulate others telepathically.


Command Voice: a form of telepathic hypnosis where psi is superimposed upon verbal commands, speech.


Ocular Hypnosis: a variant of telepathic hypnosis where psi commands are generated along the optic nerves and through the eyes


Teleportation: the transition of a person or object from one place to another via a jump through Riemann space and is therefore instantaneous.


Telesthesia: the transmission of such sensations as fear, sensuality, etc.


Time Search: the practice of astrally projecting one's consciousness to a level, or dimensional plane, where past time can take on an objective reality to such a traveler.


Time Shift: the ability to control the flow of time; the ability to travel (shift) through time.


Time Stasis: the ability to stop all motion on the molecular, atomic, and sub-atomic levels without any loss of heat; hence, a complete and total stasis of time.


Transfiguration: te ability to change the external shape of matter; shape-shifting.


Transmutation: the ability to rearrange the atomic and/or molecular structure of matter to change one material or element into another.


Weathermongery -Storm Control: the ability to 1) convert the planetary magnetic field into high tension electricity or lightning, and; 2) the ability to influence those factors that create [electrical] storms.


Xenoglossy: the ability to speak and understand any language; the "gift of tongues."


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Just bumping this up :) 


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great comprehensive list - i had never heard of xenoglossy - would be an incredible gift to have!


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