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 It is not just men who commit acts of murder and violence. Australia has seen more than a few woman who have enacted the most cruel and final form of violence onto another human being. 

There are many motives that can drive someone to kill and a lot of the time it can be a crime of passion, or when something snaps within the murderers mind. Many of Australias Women who Kill have done so driven from abuse by their spouse or father figure. However there have been many times that a woman has been driven to kill by other urges. 

In the following videos we will take a look into the minds of these killers as well as what drove them to commit such an act. Their crimes are many and varied and each as unique as the person who enacted it.

Katherine Knight: Butcher

The horrific crime of this rather ordinary and bookish looking woman shocked a nation.

Katherine Knight was nicknamed "The Speckled Hen", by John Price the man she murdered. Although they had a 6 year affair, the last 18 months made John Price desperate to get away from her. It cost him his life.

A tough life growing up in the Hunter Valley region of NSW along with the distressing love of knives and her work in the Aberdeen Meat Works Knight developed into a psychopathic personality.
If Katherine did not get what she wanted, during her entire life she made sure people knew about it. Able to become explosive and violent in a second, almost every person who came into contact with her, ended up with a scar of some sort, either on their person or in their mind.

A complicated and horrific tale very much condensed, yet Australians will never forget this evil woman.


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Tracey Wigginton: Killer Vampire

Hi Folks,
In our very own Australia a person who killed a person who stated they were a vampire. A person who in cold blood took the life of an innocent man to satisfy a twisted part of themselves.

Murder is murder..and a vampire..

Well this is just a brief outline of the story and she was released in January this year so also timely and i do not recall much in the media about the
Lesbian Vampire Killer

What do you think?

Cheers Debbie

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